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H*VMI Ghana Deaf Camp 2013

Monday, January 20th, 2014
Author: Larry Lamina

“Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. (Luke 10:2)”

After a busy and productive work at a 10-day Christmas Handi*Camp held at Echoing Hills Village, in which 12 children and 9 adults received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, we are all ready now to begin the New Year.

What made 2013 Handi*Camp unique in the fact that two young Muslims came to serve as volunteers for the first time in a Christian Camp. I believe there must be something special about this because it is strange to see a typical Muslim working in a Christian Camp. It was a privilege to be able to talk about Christ in such a good atmosphere.

We made new friends and expressed a culture, not to mention, new ways of witnessing by life style, word and practice. Our desire for the camp ministry is to show love and serve with absolutely no strings attached “I will give you food/clothes and shelter if you will believe in Christ.”

We believe this is what He calls us to do. As we are faithful in our calling, the Holy Spirit can work through our faithfulness in the little things to the unreached hearts. Heart-changing is entirely the Holy Spirit work, not ours. Our job is to obey. Plain and simple.

These were unbelievers who came to work and ended with us believing that Christ is the Messiah. Praise the Lord!

Pray on and let’s reach out in grace and truth to our neighbours from other faith backgrounds.

Click here for some Photos to enjoy.

Thank you.

Larry Lamina

Luke 10:20


Ministry Updates

The Oasis Of Christmas

Friday, December 20th, 2013
Author: Tim Sheetz

What is it about Christmas that makes life so difficult and at the same time offers an oasis to us?

As I sat in a room on Tuesday evening with some mothers who have gone through the devastation of losing a child, I pondered that question. Their loss is one no one wants to experience and yet, we who are parents know we’re not exempt from that pain.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of great celebration. Family members gather together and get “caught up” on what took place over the past year. There’s so much laughter and great sharing. Yet, to the bereaved parent, there’s a great hole in the middle of it all. Their own child who has brought so much joy into the lives of other family members is missing. There’s a part of them (the parents) that is gone and cannot be right again until Heaven.

Wait !!!! That’s it !!! There’s the oasis !!! There’s the one thing that can and did bring hope. Heaven awaits a grand reunion. Because of that fact, these moms, in the room with people they could trust, knew this life “is not all there is” as the old Peggy Lee song told us.

Because of Christmas and the birth of our Savior, His atoning death and resurrection there is hope for the future. There is reason to celebrate and even laugh. Yes, there are tears. However, the knowledge that one day, there will be One Who has promised to wipe away tears and reunite us with a loved one.

Those of us who know that loss, say, “I can’t wait” but with the hope that lies within us, by His amazing grace, WE WILL.

Learn more about the support groups Tim refers to: BASIS Support Groups


Ministry Updates

H*VMI Family Retreat on God’s Faithfulness

Friday, November 22nd, 2013
Author: Tim Sheetz

Praise the Lord for an exceptional 2013 H*VMI Staff/Board Retreat!

It came at such a great time for several reasons. The Fall schedule just “kicked in” and there are many things happening within our H*VMI Family.

2013 Staff RetreatThe fellowship, speaker (H*VMI Board member Jeff Hartman), worship, testimonies, prayer time and food all ministered to the staff and Board who were able to come. There was a lot of laughter (good medicine for the spirit), caring and introspection.

The bottom line is, people came needing the time away and the Lord answered in amazing ways. But then, doesn’t He always.

The theme of the retreat was Stories of God’s Faithfulness. We have seen His faithfulness over the past 40 years in our H*VMI ministry. Our staff took time to share stories of God’s faithfulness in their own lives over the past year. Our speaker presented God’s faithfulness in the lives of Joseph and Daniel as well as Jesus’ ministry.

I pray that the Lord will give you a wonderful Thanksgiving as you recall the ways He has faithfully ministered to as well as through you over this past year.


Ministry Updates

The Best Place to Be

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
Author: Tim Sheetz

Sometimes we all have gotten to the place of wondering what God is doing. We all have rehearsed over our life span the fact that God is in control. No question about that. However, it’s the details that get us in a bind.

For instance, for some time now, we’ve been very interested in a property for H*VMI in Elizabethtown that seemed to be suited just for us. Sixteen acres of great property that would become a camp, office, place for respite care in a not too off the “beaten path.” The doors as we pursued them seemed to be open until just about a week ago when we found out that it will be sold to another “interested” party.

Now we’re back to square one. As believer’s in Jesus, we go back, not with frustration or giving up, but waiting upon the One Who is is in charge. He has a plan, a place and a process that will prove to be even better than we can imagine. Certainly, it SEEMED to be His leading leaving us wondering if we misread Him. However, we’ve learned through the years that He is trustworthy and in His love has everything in place.

So, please pray with us as we continue to look to Him for the future. Now, THAT’S THE BEST PLACE TO BE AFTER ALL.