Blessings Under the Pine Trees

We just finished up our second week of Handi*Camp 2012 with four more to go.  I wish every person reading this blog could visit Handi*Camp for even just a day.  You would leave changed.  You would leave challenged. You would leave blessed. We keep reminding our staff, a terrific group of young people, by the way:  "Camp is for the campers."   But, I was challenged in last night's staff devotions by one young male counselor who said something like "The way the blessings keep coming my way through my campers, we should more realistically say, 'Camp is also for the staff!'"

We all do feel that way.  We can't outgive what we receive from the Michaels and Todds and Angelas and Jennies we've had at Handi*Camp over the last two weeks - all 63 of them.  Their joy in the Lord, their zeal in worshipping Him, often with words that are unintelligible to our ears, rubs off on all of us who are here to "minister to THEM!!"  Uninhibited, unabashed, unashamed worship of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has resounded throughout the pine trees of Camp Sankanac, near Pottstown, PA, the site of our first two weeks.

This weekend, June 9th, we moved our staff to Malaga Camp in Newfield, NJ.  On Monday, the 11th, we begin again when a new group arrives for our first week of Bible Conference...and I KNOW...the blessings will continue to abound, hopefully to them as well as to our staff.