An Invitation

I recently read a blog about community and how sometimes we tend to isolate ourselves on our own “front porch” from Godly community. I’ve heard it said, sometimes the most comforting words one can hear is, “me too.” Hearing someone say those words is normalizing and comforting because you know you are not alone. God specifically designed us to crave intimacy and community. He even gave us an example of what that looks like. Jesus had his disciples in which He did life with. Below is an excerpt from the blog (in)courage...

“I’ve always felt that I deserved people to move toward me to create community...I also recognize that sometimes we’re in places mentally, physically and spiritually that make it difficult to reach outside of ourselves. That means the rest of us have to be getting off of our porches to move toward those who are in that place whether or not they ever get off of their porches to come to us.

There are those of you who are always getting off of your porch and I want to thank you. You’ve taught me how to be brave in community. I’m learning how to live it forward to others who are still afraid to step off of their porches.”

- Jessica Hoover

Whether you are a bereaved parent or not we all tend to stay on our porches in certain seasons. What if God asks us to get off our porch in order to receive a God ordained friendship or word of encouragement?

The annual BASIS breakfast is May 3rd at 10am and is a unique opportunity to be in a safe environment with other bereaved parents.

The BASIS staff has been praying specifically for who will be in attendance at the breakfast. We have been praying that they will feel the Lord’s comfort and a sense of community in new ways. The whole idea of BASIS is to bring people who have had similar experiences (the loss of a child) together to share, be heard and be prayed for. We have seen the benefits of BASIS and want to share it with others who are looking for community.

Today, I ask you two things:

1.) Do you know a bereaved parent, will you invite them to the BASIS breakfast? Offer to accompany them as well. Sometimes being invited is what people need.

2.) If you are a bereaved parent, please consider joining us. You will hear the story of BASIS from former Director, Judy Blore and hear from our newest Director, Don Allison, who is a bereaved parent.

We at BASIS invite you to a morning of honoring and remembering your child’s life, a delicious breakfast, laughter, tears, community and  even some comforting words such as “me too.”

To register click on “Events” on BASIS page or call our office at: (717) 859-4777.

We hope to see you there.