Lost Expectations Turn to Anticipation

What do you do with lost expectations? You've prayed and sought the mind of the Lord and believe He has answered in an amazing way. You feel uplifted and thankful for the direction you've received and life seems lighter. Then, the dream shatters. The plan sifts through your hands like sand. Everything was in place. People were rejoicing with you. Now you wonder if you read God wrong in the first place. The main thing is, you don't want God's name to be damaged. What happened God? Numbness creeps in to your very being. Then there comes an uncanny peace that you cannot explain except to say that it's a gift from God assuring you that HE IS STILL LORD. It's going to be okay. Excitement then takes the place of disappointment. This is what happened three weeks ago when I received the letter from Dr. Teague stating that our move to the campus of LBC was now NOT going to happen. The thought, "what are WE going to do" faded into the place where He wants His child to dwell ... "what are YOU, God, going to do." Going back to the reality of "whose ministry is this anyhow" brought peace, trust and comfort in the midst of confusion and fear for the future. Now we're open to see our God at work as perhaps never before. Seeing eight new missionaries fill much needed positions, praising Him for His financial provision even though it may be on a day-to-day basis, watching Him open new doors of opportunity like Delaware and bringing in people who have a deep love for the Lord and giftedness in the area of development.

So where will H*VMI land in the days ahead? I really have not a clue. However, I can tell you Who does know and that He is working, providing and getting us ready for the ride of a lifetime in this ministry. So buckle your seat belts, assume an attitude of prayer and expectation and watch Him work in YOU and through the ministry. He is a mighty God Who has everything in His loving control.