Closer to the Finish Line

In an earlier blog I mentioned this: …that you are getting closer to the finish line too. You are getting closer with each passing season to that time when you can rest in Jesus’ presence and ask all your questions and get all your answers, or realize that none of the questions or answers is more important than resting there, with Him.

Many times, I have heard bereaved parents say that each passing year brings them closer to the finish line of their own lives. Most Americans don’t take comfort in this thought, but bereaved parents do! It means that they are closer to the time when they’ll be with the child again. It means other good things too:  reunion with others who have died, union with Christ, no more crying or pain, no more questions, greater understanding, clear communion with Jesus and with the child and with other family members.

Bereaved parents don’t want their lives to be over, but they want to be closer to their own finish lines. It is important to live well the days, months and years you have on this earth because those times were given to you by Christ. It’s not just luck or fate, but by Christ who does not make mistakes, who wastes nothing and who has a purpose for you.

A friend’s brother died suddenly this week. He was too young to die. There was no forewarning. He just died at home alone while watching tv. He had no warning. His sister had no warning. But, in God’s providence, his time had come to cross the finish line of his life-race. She is comforted knowing he was ready to “meet his judge and maker unafraid.” He stood before God, clothed in Christ’s robes of righteousness and God said, “Well done.” You all know that my friend will be grieving for a long time to come, but it is good to have the comfort of knowing her brother was ready to enter heaven.

Friend, you know that you are getting closer to the finish line too. You know someone who is already in Jesus’ presence. And you want to be there some day too. But you don’t know when the time of the finish line of your race will come. You may get weeks or months of warning, or not. So just get ready now. You will cross the finish line and meet your Judge and Maker too. You will stand there either in your own robes – that the Bible calls filthy rags (because your robes aren’t perfectly without sin, compromise, or blemish) – or in the robes of righteousness that Jesus offers to give you. Accept the gift and be ready! That’s all it takes. Then, when your time to cross the finish line comes, you will hear the same “well done” and “welcome home” my friend’s brother heard this week.  

Let your child, who went before you across this line, lead you into the presence of Jesus when it's your time to cross the finish line of your life.