Death is swallowed in victory

I want to share a song with you. I experienced this – it was more than just hearing it- when I visited my daughter’s church. The singer-songwriter, Brian Lopiccolo, is the music director at her church. His brother had died just a few months before that visit. So Brian wrote these thoughts in his own grief. I talked with him after listening as he sang this song for the first time publically. He said he wanted to do something that glorified God since his brother’s death. In my heart, Brian accomplished his goal. May your heart be touched and comforted with this too. When Death is Swallowed in Victory – Brian Lopiccolo

"When Death is swallowed in victory, We’ll stand in awe at the ending Of all our brokenness, grief and pain When Christ returns to redeem us. And though we die, then shall we live, for Christ defeated the grave; When death is swallowed in victory It’s only then the beginning.

When Death is swallowed in victory This fallen body will waken These tried limbs and this broken heart Will rise to life and perfection. These hands will build, these feet will run This voice will sing a new song; These eyes will look on the risen Lord When Death is swallowed in vict’ry

Inherit everything, When death gives up it’s sting And nothing can keep us from the life we’ve been destined to live Oh --the life we’ve been destined to give.

When Death is swallowed in victory God’s children, all then united The Saints of hist’ry and those now gone Will join us then and forever. And God Himself will be our own, For we forever are His; We long for Christ to make all things new When Death is swallowed in vict’ry."

What are your favorite lines? Mine are the last 4 - And God Himself will be our own for we forever are His. I am comforted knowing I'm close to His heart and safe there forever.

Blessings to you as you contemplate Christ’s victory over the grave and what that means to you now.

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