God Works Through the Details

After all these years in ministry, I still am amazed at how God works through the details.  Some we take for granted.

For instance, this past weekend, Handi*Camp had their retreat for the Adult Bible Conference 1 guests. All the preparations were in place. The program was set up, speakers ready, activities prepared. What God impressed upon my heart once again was the following:  THE MINISTRY IS ALL ABOUT HIM AND NOT US.

For instance, it was the thoughts from His Word and the prompting of His Spirit that came out of the mouths of the speakers. It was the giftedness of the people in charge of the program and activities THAT GOD PLACED in each individual to make it happen.

It was He who gave the incredible weather so people could even go outdoors to enjoy His creation.   (I'm especially aware of this as I look out the window and see a rain soaked ground.)

There are so many other "details."  However, I think you get the picture.

The challenge I present to you and me is to thank Him for the many things we too often overlook in the course of the day that remind us that truly He is the One in charge.  I believe you would agree with me that I'm so thankful He is the Lord.