Father's Day

Fathers are important. They provide and protect the family from danger. They lead in terms of future plans and decisions. They always have the best interests of the family members in their minds and hearts. They guide, encourage, teach and train. They make us laugh; they cry with us. A good dad is priceless. Our God identifies Himself as Father. He taught us to pray “Our Father…” And He is a good dad – priceless! He has guided us through events that have mystified us. He has taught us to look to Him, to spend time with Him through prayer and His word. He is protecting us all the time from an enemy who wishes to destroy our lives eternally. He has taken action – that cost Him dearly – to provide grace to save us from that enemy. He has prepared for our future – by designing and building a new city for us to inhabit in eternity. In this city there will be no enemy or the destruction that the enemy has designed. There will be no more pain, death, sorrow, grief or tears. In this city our Father will be always present, visible, and available to us for lots of personal interaction. Our deepest longings will be met because of that presence and interaction.

Earthly fathers are trained to follow His example in small, human ways. Not that an earthly father can be all that God is, but they are representatives in the flesh of the Father in heaven. As I said above, they guide and protect, provide and plan. They instruct their children in navigating through this world and in the way they should go. They try to be available and to interact with their child. They feel hurt when their child feels hurt. They rejoice when the child rejoices. The Father in heaven also feels our emotions, our joys and sorrows. Even sometimes, He is “overwhelmed” with sorrow, as Jesus was when He came to Lazarus’ home town and saw the mourning crowd. (John 11)

You dads out there - God, the heavenly Father, commiserates with you earthly fathers, especially you grieving fathers. That word: co-miserate means to feel together the misery and emotions of life in this fallen world. God connects with your fatherly sorrows. That connection means there are some benefits for you. You can talk to Him about what troubles you and know He understands. You can go to Him for direction through this troubling situation, and know He hears and will guide you. You can have confidence in the plans He’s preparing for you and your family in His eternal kingdom. You can rest in His unchanging love for you.

Fathers are important to the heavenly Father. Whether an earthly father or our Heavenly Father, a good dad is priceless!