A Lesson From The Magi

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.  Psalm 111:10

As Christmas draws near it might cause us to review the different elements surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. One aspect of the story took place after Christ was born and that was the coming of the Magi from the east which is found in Matthew 2.

According to the Scripture, the wisemen were drawn toward Jesus through the star they had seen in the east. They asked King Herod if he knew where they could find the Christ child. Herod asked the people's chief priests and teachers where the baby was to be born and they said, "Bethlehem."

King Herod met secretly with the Magi urging them to go and see the Christ child, but then to report back to him the child's location so he could go and worship Him too!

The wisemen followed the star, found the  child, bowed down and worshiped Him, presenting valuable gifts to Him. But...the wisemen were warned in a dream not to return back to Herod but to go a different way home.

What a beautiful illustration of showing reverence to the Lord and following His commands. The Magi were wise in their choice not to go back to Herod because they feared the Lord more than they did Herod. They also had a good understanding of the situation because they obeyed what was revealed to them in the dream.

As we minister to and care for others God has placed in our lives, we are also urged in Psalm 111:10 to fear the Lord and follow His precepts. This leads to the blessing of His wisdom and understanding which helps us to serve more effectively. What a valuable lesson learned from the Magi's decision to yield themselves to Him!

And we can all say together, "To Him belongs eternal praise."