About H*VMI Fundraisers

A "Fundraiser" for H*VMI is not just an opportunity to receive income. We love these times because it gives us an opportunity to have fellowship with friends of the ministry as well as making the various ministries through H*VMI known to the public. 

So far this year, we have had two such events at two restaurants. We have seen all of those objectives met at both places. The funds came in to help H*VMI and we were able to thank people who have been a part of the support team for the work while there were others who just became aware of the ministry and were given a brochure describing the various aspects of the work. 

We thank the Lord that the possibility was presented to bring encouragement and positive help to people with disabilities and others who are facing difficult life experiences. 

Over the next several months there will be additional opportunities for you to participate in H*VMI "fundraisers." Click below to see if one will be taking place near you.  We'd love to see you there.