Praising God for Ghana Blind Camp 2013

Some of Our 2013 Campers

Praise the Lord!! We were able to have a very successful Easter Annual Camp. March 27 - April 1.

God gave us a great line-up of Bible Teachers/Preachers. Pastor Alex Boamah, our old Camp Staff from Aburi, eastern part of Ghana; Pastor Joel Quansah our friend and also a former Camp Coordinator now serving under Joni & Friends and Pastor Richard Avavor a Blind evangelist, one of our old campers we had a part in training, now win souls and serve the Lord in his village and other Christian leaders were used by God to inspire our Campers.


Praise the Lord!! We were able to get enough food and donation to cover the entire event.

Eight weeks before the Camp, we started raising funds for the Campers. We needed 60 dollars for each camper, rental of additional Tables and Chairs, food to feed 200 Campers per day, fruits and vegetables for the guest speakers. Praise the Lord!! Each preacher paid for his own expenses in order to get to the Camp, for which we say – Thank you so much.

As usual our prayer partners in US were incredible. They sacrificed and gave the money they could. We were not able to raise all the funds, so we started asking for donations of food, firewood for cooking from our local friends and partners. God used some friends to supply us with all kinds of foodstuffs. We also contacted some women in the market to supply us with some food on credit.


Praise the Lord!! We had 15 saved and 16 for re-dedication. Each soul saved is fruit for your account.

The Spirit of the Lord was good and the excitement for the Camp was very high. During the meeting we averaged 178; we had approximately 45 first time campers. Many lives were transformed by the preaching and teaching of God’s word. This was great event with (11) Pastors present. We are excited about the Camp Ministry God is Blessing.

Statistical Breakdowns:

Youth with Blindness – 140

Elderly with Blindness – 10

Guides with no Blindness – 29

Children with no Blindness - 9


Praise the Lord!! We have already received the additional $10,000 to cover the cost of a pick-up-truck.

We love you all very much for your faithful prayers and investment in the lives of these precious souls. Please pray for our finances and the need for a pick-up truck. Recently $3,000 was received toward the purchase of used one. Additional $10,000 is needed to cover the cost.


Other Requests:

  • We still have problems with our Land because of encroachment. Please Pray!
  • Also pray that we can raise funds to buy our Blind Campers Braille materials. We can buy a Box of Braille sheets for $30.00. We have many Blind students in the Akropong School for the Blind who are in need for Braille sheets for class work.


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