Ghana Christmas Deaf Camp 2011

To begin 2012, I am delighted to share my reflections on a very successful Christmas Deaf Camp 2011. Participants in our active ministry continue to flourish each year. We had 236 campers, from various villages and towns, mostly students, between the ages of 2-50 years old.

We are very fortunate to have our dedicated staff and long standing deaf campers now in leadership roles helping with Bible classes and chapel hours providing high-quality much needed services to our campers.

In one of our chapel hours, our Board Chairman – Rev. Yeboah Gaisie, spoke to an audience of 200 campers on Ephesians 2:8, "A Gift Sent By God", which was our theme message.  Campers were reminded that Jesus was God in the human flesh, a "GIFT" sent by God to be the Saviour of everyone who believes this, repents of sin and receives Jesus in to their lives. After his message, an invitation was given. Have you done this?

  • Six deaf persons accepted Christ, on the 24th of December morning chapel.
  • After the Christmas Bible Lesson on the "GIFT SENT BY GOD", several deaf young adults responded to the invitation to receive Christ as their Personal Saviour.
  • Forty campers indicated that they wanted to accept Christ.

I asked Thomas Marfo, a pastor of one of the largest deaf churches in Accra, to come and talk to those who indicated they wanted to be saved. Each day after Bible lessons/Chapel Services, Brother Marfo met with 2-4 deaf campers. Some of these deaf campers do not attend church at all and mostly first-time campers. Pray for the follow-up of these deaf campers.

See pictures from the 2011 Ghana Christmas Deaf Camp.

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