Update on Ghana Ministry Deaf Camp

Ghana Deaf CampDecember always brings a lot of activities to us but this year we had an exceptional Camp that was a highlight of the Christmas season. We were surprised to have over a hundred campers showing up the first day which was very unusual. Campers normally arrive on a slow pace, in small numbers the first day and second, and the third day it continues. Since most of them come from distant places. But the whole facility was full on the second day.

Some came with the entire family members, babies as young as 2 years old. We had all age groups in attendance. Some have attended church with their hearing parents before, but never heard what was preached because of the communication barrier - no interpreter. Some never had opportunity to go to church or Bible study because churches have no such outreach programs for deaf people. But we are excited to see how the Lord used us to share the message of grace and truth of Christ at Christmas Camp.

For many deaf people in Ghana, English ASL is their second language, so they have hard time reading the Bible and understanding God's Word. Try reading the Bible in your second language and see if you will be motivated to read it, let alone understand it. Many of our counselors are limited in the Sign Language and this made teaching a little difficult, but rewarding with the help of interpreters.

But, praise God and much thanks to your faithful prayers and financial support through the years, we are able to engage interpreters who have the knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) - the native and preferred language of deaf people.

Ghana Deaf Camp ClassDeaf people in Africa, can now come to Camp to learn and understand God's Word, and certainly understand the true reason for Christmas - that Jesus was born into this world so He could die for their sins and give them the Hope of eternal life in Heaven.

Both the boys and girls dorms were full and we had to create space on the office floor and classrooms for Campers to sleep on mats. Out of the 280 participants, 78 were first time Campers, and before the third day they started getting to know each other more and talking a lot. Our greatest problem was to turn them away because of limited rooms and finances.

Daily meetings and devotions were about receiving the Light (knowing Christ), walking in the Light, and sharing the Light.  Theme Message was "Let your Light Shine" (Matt. 5:16).  Campers were challenged to shine Jesus into their lives throughout the year.

By the last week of the Camp we could see a definite change in actions and attitude of Campers.  It was hard for us to see many of the campers leave as we felt we needed more time to help spiritually.  We had the privilege of leading more than 73 Campers to the Lord.  Many others made their lives right with God or dedicated their lives to the Lord.  Please pray for our Campers throughout the rest of the year and into next Christmas Camp. 

With Christmas Camp passing away, it is time to start thinking about "Easter Camp."  Easter Bible Camp is a one-week program for the Blind.  The aim is to evangelize and reach out to the Blind community and encourage them to join and fellowship with Local Bible Believing Churches in their community.    Easter Camp provides opportunities for the Blind to have a place to go, and worship the Lord with other Blind colleagues and family.

Please pray for us often asking God to bless our Ministry to people with disabilities. 

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