Time is Short - God is In Control

Last month we shared about a need in our Ghana ministry for a roof replacement in the residential facility.  God's people responded to this need.  We received the full amount ($12,600) that was required to replace the roof. This is just one evidence of how God is in control and at work even in the midst of the evil and spiritual battles raging around us.

In sporting events, how the last couple of minutes in a game are played could mean the difference between a win or a loss. Players seem to have one last ounce of energy left to place into every effort. The offense strains to put points on the board while the defense senses the urgency of the situation and replies with strength reserved for any move coming toward them. The tension mounts and you feel that something huge is about to take place. If you've ever played or watched a sport, you understand what I mean.

So it is today in life. You sense the end is near, the Lord is coming. A great spiritual battle is coming. The evil forces are working harder than ever to thwart the advances of God's army. Satan's attacks on God's people are getting stronger. You see and hear it on the news. You feel the tension even in the church which normally is the sanctuary for the Believer. Families are breaking apart. The results of pride and yielding to ungodly behavior is rampant. Satan knows the "end of the game" is drawing close and he's committed to doing all he can to bring chaos and destruction to homes that were once claimed for the Savior.

Because we already know Who is going to be the final victor, Jesus Christ, the believer can and must take heart in vital facts:

  • God is still on the throne. That is a biblical trust we can rely upon.
  • He still accomplishes what He chooses.
  • He still loves and cares for you, His child.
  • He has promised to provide you with strength wisdom and grace for each day.
  • This world is not all there is. Eternity is in sight.

Yes, the "end is in sight."  Because we know Who holds the future as well as the present, go forward in confidence trusting in His unconditional love for you and control in that love.