God Is In Control?

“God is in control.” What does that mean? I have heard people say that. Does it mean He controls everything? I don’t think so. He is not controlling what I am typing right now. If He is, He is not a very good typist. He allows me to make my own mistakes, and I make my share. I can’t cop out by saying, “The Devil made me do it;” nor can I say, “God made me do it.”

When our children were very young I felt that, as parents, we were in control, but only on a limited basis even then. We tried to control the environment they were in. We kept it safe, we kept it warm, we controlled what they ate, where they could go. But we couldn’t control when they cried, though we tried to comfort them and respond to their needs. We couldn’t control every action they made or every word they said.

We are finite. God is infinite, yet He chooses not to control everything we do or say. Sometimes it FEELS like He doesn’t control what happens to us’ tho’, in reality, He permits or directs everything – but always for a purpose. God’s ways are indeed higher than our ways. I don’t propose to know the mind of God; but I do know some things about God. I know God is good and He works for good for us even in this fallen world. His love for us is beyond understanding, yet in His wisdom and love He does not protect us from every painful thing in this life.

Bad things do happen to good people. Experiencing the death of a child cannot be construed as a good thing; but, even there, God is present to bring good out of even the worst of things. Jesus’ death was painful for Him and painful for His mother; but His cruel death was not the last word. God turned things around.

The death of our daughter, Crystal, devastated us. We were crushed by the most painful experience of our lives. Our hearts were broken. God did not intervene and physically heal our daughter; but He has restored her to even greater health and we will see her again. Eleven years later we are still here. We have survived. Life has gone on for us. There is still sorrow and pain from our loss; but we have also experienced new joys and blessings. I don’t have all the answers; but my faith still holds to a sovereign God who finds a way to give us freedom, unconditional love and His Presence in the worst circumstances of our lives.

When life seems out of control, remember – there is Someone Who is in control! And, He has promised to provide comfort and some healing in this life. The ultimate good He brings will not come until the next life when God makes all things new! In the meantime, we can count on Him “never to leave us nor forsake us.”