"As Always" - Handi*Camp 2012 Report

As always, we received much more than we gave out at Handi*Camp 2012. God truly blessed us with an amazing summer staff and gave safe travel over the many miles during camp trips.

There were so many times of laughter and fun over the 6 weeks. The campers and guests knew that they were loved and as a result cared for by the staff.

As always, there were some challenging moments. For instance, just before the first week of camp at BCM's Camp Sankanac, we learned that our dear friend, Jan Coudriet, Sankanac's director, passed away suddenly with a heart attack. It was hard for all of us who have known and loved his heart for the Lord for so many years. We continue to pray for his wife, daughter and son-in-law as well as the Sankanac staff. Then there was week 6.

Many of you probably either heard about or felt the huge storm that brought down trees and wires around the South Jersey area.  Thankfully, the campers went home at the end of the week just hours before the storm hit overnight. The electricity went off not to return until the following Thursday. We had to make a quick decision as to what to do about the last week of camp. Several of our guests needed power for their various needs.  In addition, the heat had gotten oppressive. We discussed, prayed and then made a call to a site in Pennsylvania. The same people we had been with for the first 2 weeks of camp opened their arms and welcomed us to a facility next to Sankanac where we had air conditioned cabins and a dining/meeting facility. We, in one day packed everything up, moved, contacted the guests and welcomed them to camp. My, how the Lord provided in an incredible way.

As always, the greatest part of camp, however, was seeing the spiritual growth in the various campers and guests. Over the weeks He continued to provide the strength and unity for the staff that was needed. He spoke very clearly through the various Bible classes, chapels and devotional times. It was evident that the Lord worked in amazing ways for which we give Him praise.

As always, many of you were prayer warriors for the camps. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your co-laboring with us. We feel so blessed.

Please click below for pictures divided by the different weeks of camp.

Photo Gallery of Handi*Camp 2012