Healthy Perspective

It is not always easy to maintain a healthy perspective in life and ministry. There may be times when fear, anxiety, unmet expectations, frustration and anger may creep into what we are trying to accomplish for God. We may ask ourselves - Why am I so concerned about what others think about me?

Another question may be - Why can't I just rely on God and His truth to guide me through the struggles of life and ministry?

We may get angry or frustrated with ourselves or others because they are not holding up their end of things.

Whatever may be skewing our perspective and making it unhealthy may be hindering our effectiveness in serving others. God really desires that we place our focus on Him. Afterall, we are accountable to Him first and responsible to Him for what we say and do. He is the only One who can give us the strength to make healthy choices and changes in our lives.

If you truly are interested in finding out more about how to maintain a healthy perspective, then I would recommend that you print off and take the 40 Day Challenge for Maintaining a Healthy Perspective. It will help you remember that God's view of you is most important, that we are accountable to Him for what we say and do and that we need to place our trust in Him to help us gain that healthy perspective for life and ministry.

Foundational Pillars of Truth To go even deeper, you may be interested in purchasing the Foundational Pillars of Truth for Maintaining a Healthy Perspective Discussion Guides.