We Celebrated the Journey

What a fantastic banquet God enabled H*VMI to sponsor in Williamstown, New Jersey this past November 5th. It was our first event in South Jersey, where the H*VMI ministry began in 1973!



The special music was presented by a woman who is blind and who has been involved in H*VMI's very first "God's Special People" Sunday school class in South Jersey. We were so blessed by the beautiful voice God gave her as she ministered to all of us at the banquet ... and by the words to the songs she selected:  "God Will Make a Way" and "You are My All in All."

There was a brief power point presentation about H*VMI ministry programs. To some who attended the banquet, the story of H*VMI wasn't new, while others who were there heard it for the first time.

Dr. Harry Morgan, who had ministered in South Jersey for a number of years as a pastor and counselor, presented Biblical truths that kept us focused on the Author of this 38 year old ministry. I was especially intrigued that he made a connection with H*VMI to the passage in John 5 about the man who lay beside the pool of Bethsaida waiting for someone to lift him in to be healed!  Harry reminded us that he waited there 38 years!!!  

The meal was incredible. 

The financial gifts we received have greatly helped the ministry.  Gail Eisenlohr, one of our Board members, presented the need and the 165 who attended donated more than $10,000 to H*VMI!!!  What an incredible provision from the Lord.  

I believe God was honored and those who attended were blessed at this day's event. As the various ministries were presented, my wife, Kathy, and I were once again amazed to be able to reflect on all the Lord has done over the last 38 years of this ministry. We looked around us at a room filled with H*VMI missionaries, ministry staff, volunteers, and prayer and financial supporters and we felt so thankful to be co-laborers with them. To be able to respond to His command to reach a needy and hurting world is such an honor.