I Hold In My Heart

- By Lisa Kauffman (Adam stillborn at 6 months)

I hold in my heart pain

Because I’ve been left to

grieve for those who have

gone before me-

my baby and my mom.


I hold in my heart joy

Because of the blessings

in my life:

a loving husband,

two other children,

smiles, friendships and laughter.


I hold in my heart hope

Because of Jesus’ work in

the world and in me-

salvation, restoration,

comfort, and peace.


I hold in my heart brokenness and trust in eternal life.

It is a mystery that both

exists in the same wounded soul.

It is by grace that God is

gently changing my

brokenness into something

eternal and forever beautiful-

a reflection of His life and

work in me.


I am held in His heart:

a child molded by love and pain,

a tribute to His grace,

and I offer my broken

heart to Him.

Heal, comfort, recreate.