In the land of the living

“He’s in the land of the living. We’re definitely in the land of the dead” I heard this said about one who had ”died” a few weeks earlier. The person who died is now in the land of those living because they are living with Christ, living the life Christ had prepared for that one, in the house Jesus has prepared. Living in a resurrection body. Living without sin in themselves or in their environment. Now that’s Life!

We who are living our earthly lives, on the other hand, are living in the land of the dead. We are dead in our sins until Christ revives our hearts. Though we are living and breathing on earth, we are dying. No matter how many years we have ahead of us, we are moving in the direction of the end of that time. Our bodies have an expiration date. Each of us is dying.

Your beloved child has already died. But, as for everyone, his or her soul will live forever. Those who chose to receive the life Christ offers are Living in the environment He has prepared just for them. It’s just right for them and who they are created to be forever. No more efforts to figure out what to do for a career. No more sports injuries or auto accidents. No more suffering the taunts of the local bully. No more adolescent trials and tribulations. No more illness or earthly struggles. Just Life – the Life your child was created for.

Meanwhile, you are still living in the land of the dead, grieving deeply for the one who is living in the land of the living. I want to encourage you to spend a little time every week, thinking about the Life your child now lives. Meditate on the One who created your child and prepared that place for them. Meditate on the One who bought them with His own life and who brought them to His home. Meditate on your own future too. This time focusing on what Christ has done for the child and for you will create little points of light along the grief journey through the valley of the shadow of death. Light in the Shadows. This is one thing you can do for yourself, in the time of your grief, to bring some healing. In the midst of your grief, spend a little time, each week, thinking about Life in the land of the Living.

While he was still living in the land of the dead, Jesus said: “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2