It's His Kingdom

When Tim Sheetz, our ministry director, was scheduled to preach at a church that was having some challenges and discouraging events, this is the message that came to his heart and mind as he studied: His is the Kingdom His is the power

And to Him be the glory when, in the midst of the challenge, we look to Him, our Jehovah Jireh (Provider), our Jehovah Shalom (Peace), our Jehovah Ra-ah (Shepherd – the One Who will direct our paths).

That congregation, that day, was encouraged to learn it’s all about God. How is any of this comforting for you since your child died? Let’s think.

His Kingdom: He gets to direct it, manage everything, including events in your family’s life. The death of your child was within the bounds of His power and love. It is good for the child who gets to enter the gates of heaven. But you must wait, and that’s a source of pain. It’s not that He wasn’t looking or that He couldn’t control things for good. It wasn’t just some random event. God was overseeing His kingdom. If you can’t see it now, wait to see how the Kingdom of God will be impacted by your child.

His Power: He can do whatever He decides is good, because all authority and ability is His to meet every need. Whatever IS is, because of His power to make it so. But it’s not just powerful power. It is power put to work for good of those He loves. His love is evident because He sent His son to die a painful death to pay a penalty for someone else’s bad behavior. He was completely innocent but took the penalty anyway, by choice, because of love. For you and for your child.

His Glory: All the glory from the events in your life goes to the One who does, in fact, rule all in love for us. Look to Him, especially as provider, peace maker, leader.

When we think of heaven, it’s for His glory. When we think of healings during Jesus’ walk on earth, it was for His glory. Those healings demonstrated who He really is. He was glorified as the population became more aware of His true identity. Today too, history tells His story to reveal His glory. The primary purpose of things that happen is not to make you or anyone else happy. It’s for His glory. Yes He loves you with a love that would even go to the cross of execution. But that too is for His glory, not your comfort or convenience. You see, He is the center of history. He is the center of everything. We are not.

But look at what He does for us in the midst of getting His glory. He provides for your material well-being and for your emotional healing. He provides friends who encourage you or make a pot of soup for you. He can give you peace - the peace that can’t be understood, only witnessed or experienced. He gives you peace because you are not alone in your grief. He is with you. He can and will and wants to shepherd you through this valley and all the way to His place in heaven that He’s been preparing for you. It will be ready at just the right time, when you’re ready. And your child will be there to greet you.

Glory to the God of all compassion who comforts us in all kinds of troubles. Thoughts from various scriptures contributed to this line of thinking, including: Psalm 23, John 9 – especially verses 3-5, John 14:1-4, Romans 12:15, Romans 5:8, II Corinthians 1:3, Philippians 4:7.