Jesus Cares About People with Disabilities

Did you ever wonder why . . . . . .  Jesus had His disciples present when He performed miracles? What was the purpose of their witnessing 26 of them dealing specifically with people with disabilities? I'm sure you'll agree that it was to demonstrate His power and love for the hurting and "left out" of society. He was showing them that as part of His creation, He cared for and had a plan for them no matter what the disability. However, in addition, I believe He had another purpose in mind. Because the disciples were going to be used by God to set up the church after He went to heaven, He was showing them the importance of including the disabled and hurting as part of that church.

Now, you say, why are you bringing this up? It's because that is what's at the heart of H*VMI.

This past Saturday, in the office conference room, we held a seminar especially designed to encourage church members to consider reaching out to people with disabilities in their community and invite them into their church fellowship. Our desire is to bring them to Christ and then encourage them to use the giftedness God has placed within them to complement the body of believers. In so doing, they are not only following the example of Jesus, but demonstrating to the world around them that God cares for the hurts that are not only seen on the outside of a person but on the inside as well.

Perhaps you missed the seminar.  Check out this page:

Recommended Resources to Help in Your Disability Ministry

We, at H*VMI are so thankful for your prayers, gifts, emails, cards and phone messages. We truly are co-laborers together with God.