Need a laugh and uplifting moment?

Are you weary, worn down or discouraged? Need a laugh and uplifting moment? Then I've got the right prescription for you. Come to the H*VMI banquet at Shady Maple Restaurant at 10:45 A.M., October 2, 2010 and get ready for a great time of wonderful food and lots of good laughter. The Bible says "a cheerful heart makes you healthy", so we expect that there will be an abundance of "healthy" people leaving that facility after the banquet.  Charlie and Ruth Jones better known as Peculiar People Inc. will be bringing a unique blend of inspiration and entertainment through dramatic performance.

Charlie & Ruth Jones, Peculiar People

Charlie & Ruth Jones are Peculiar People... in more than one way. After ten years of professional theater in Southern California, this husband/wife team landed in Greensboro, NC where they manage "Peculiar People," one of the most unique drama teams in the country. Peculiar People travels the nation providing whimsical entertainment intertwined with deep, spiritual insight.

When asked what was the main message of Peculiar People, Charlie answered, "Recapturing a lost innocence..." A lost innocence about life, about God and others.

Their sketch comedy and moving dramas are expertly written and delivered in the best theatrical tradition. Charlie & Ruth have 3 dogs and their favorite hobby is mall walking... go figure. For further information, visit their site, Peculiar People.

In addition, there will be fun songs, a powerpoint update on H*VMI and an opportunity to support the ministry.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there.