Let Your Voice Catch Up

Acts 4:14 “And seeing the man who had been healed standing with them, they had nothing to say in reply."

We were waiting to see how God would provide the finances to purchase the property in Akron for the H*VMI Ministry, including BASIS! The price seemed so high and our ministry income so small; and yet we believed the Lord could and would provide. Two large matching gifts had already come in and many supporters had given sacrificially. Still it wasn't enough to meet the need. Then it happened. I opened an envelope that had just come in the daily mail. I pulled out a check for $ 300,000 from an unknown contributor. It was more than what we needed. I was speechless except to thank the Lord with tears coming down my face for yet another miracle. Have you ever been "speechless" because of an unexpected answer to prayer? Or maybe it was a sunset God painted in the sky, or a hug needed at just the right time. They're all gifts from a loving, caring heavenly Father. Stand, better yet kneel in humility and praise from your heart and then let your voice catch up.