Memory Teddy Bear


When we lose a loved one, sometimes going through their clothes can be very difficult. Did your child have a favorite shirt that you have kept? Clothes hold special memories and often have a comforting fragrance to them.

A friend of mine lost her grandmother and her mom surprised her and her brother one year with a teddy bear that was made from their grandmother's clothes. The teddy bear's body was made from her shirt, the legs were made from pants and the eyes were buttons. To this day this bear is so special to my friend.

This week I worked on recruiting volunteers who sew and would like to bless a grieving child by making one of these teddy bears. As I was compiling my list of volunteers, I received a lot of feedback from people who thought this was such a wonderful idea, therefore I thought I would share it in a blog.

If a bear is not your thing, what about a doll, a pillow in the shape of a car or a truck or how about a quilt?    There are a lot of possibilities to be creative. You can find free patterns online.

Here are a few ideas of how to get started:

- If you know another bereaved mom, invite her to join you on this project. Share memories, sip tea, encourage one another and sew into each other's lives.

- If you are not a bereaved parent, but are crafty with a sewing machine and know a bereaved parent, share this idea with them and that you would like to do this with them or for them. What a beautiful act of "I'm here for you" this can be.

- Do you know a grieving child? Offer this idea to the family. A teddy bear like this can be something they cherish for years to come.

I hope this idea blesses your heart today, and comment below if you plan on making one.