Michael’s Guitar

At HVMI recently, we hosted a concert with Michael Card. What a wonderful, worshipful night of music and encouragement! I loved it. I had an opportunity to describe to him how much I love interacting with you. I am honored to hear your stories. I hope that something I have said sometime has been beneficial to you. I pray for you and have the names of your children on my list to greet when I get to heaven.

When I described BASIS to Michael Card, he told me a little story too. He has a nephew who died of cancer at the age of 18. Before that, the nephew told his uncle that he wanted to learn to play the guitar. So Michael Card, a world renowned musician, bought a guitar, not the best in the world, but adequate for a beginner. They did share some lessons together before the young man died.

It is that guitar the Michael Card travels with and uses in concert. Why does he travel with a guitar that’s not the best in the world? Because it is attached to his nephew, a precious person loved by his uncle. It is memorial to that life.

You might have something of your child’s that is often, or even always, with you. Do you wear his/her tee shirt to bed? Have you made a quilt or pillow of some of his/her clothing? Did you take a tee shirt or bathrobe and make a stuffed animal? Do you keep their trophies around the living room? Do you wear her jewelry? Have you continued collecting her favorite things? Planted her favorite flowers in the garden? I know a man who even changed his career to continue some of the work his son had started.

What sort of memorials or activities have you incorporated into your life for the love and memory of your child? Each tribute will be unique because you and your child are both unique and your relationship was unique. Each loss is unique. But your idea might help another parent imagine what they might want to do for the love and memories of their child. If some of you send your ideas, I’ll collect them and post them here in a few weeks.

The memories of your child are good things for which we should give thanks. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. Because there were blessings during your child’s life.