Need Help?

After he had been betrayed, beaten, mocked; after he had been falsely accused, illegally tried and wrongly convicted, Jesus walked to his own execution. He was made to carry the execution device Himself. Now, this cross was taller than a man and strong enough to hold the full weight of a man. So it was HEAVY! As he was walking, carrying this physical burden, He was also carrying another burden – the weight of our guilt for our sins and those of all folks in all history. He was willingly going forward to do His Father’s will, to be sacrificed – the innocent for the guilty. As He was walking and carrying, He grew too tired and weak to continue so they recruited help for Him. They told one member of the watching crowd, an African named Simon, to pitch in and carry the cross for Jesus. He did. And so they all made it successfully to the hill top where the execution would take place. (from Mark 15:21)

I wonder how that man felt after Jesus was nailed to that same cross. I wonder how he dealt with his participation in Jesus’ in the execution, even if his was a minor role. I wonder how he felt when he learned of Jesus’ resurrection! He had a front row seat to all this. I wonder. But the point I really want to make is that Jesus needed and accepted help for His journey with that burden.

You are also carrying a burden through your grief journey. Like Jesus, you would probably benefit from help. The soldiers recruited Jesus’ helper. (Jesus also asked for help as He was praying in Gethsemane. His faithful friends loved Him, but fell asleep during prayer. How many times I have done the same thing!) Maybe you have a friend who knows you, who also recruits help for you – but maybe you need to do some of the recruiting yourself. Or, sometimes, a helper may just offer. You should say “yes.” I know it’s hard to accept help for some of us. But if you don’t, you are taking away from that other person the joy of helping. You are making it more difficult for them to follow Christ, who took the role of a servant for His disciples. Your friend wants to serve you. You have to say “yes” to make it possible. Jesus needed help. You can use some now too.

Jesus’ burden was physical and spiritual. Your present grief-burden is also deeply spiritual, and physical and emotional and heavy and long lasting and tiring. Don’t go it alone. Jesus didn’t. If the Son of God, the One who created the world, needed help, don’t disregard your own need. Ask for and be willing to accept help. It’s your Christian duty! Your gift to the body of Christ. And those helpers are God’s gift to you. Be receptive. Be encouraged.