Pray With A Clear Mind

The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear-minded and self-controlled so you can pray. 1 Peter 4:7

Recently as I was preparing to share some verses on prayer with our staff, I came across 1 Peter 4:7. It was a stark reminder that we need to be of sound mind, sober, calm and collected so we can pray.

The first part of this verse reminds us that we are to be aware that the end of all things is near. There should be an urgency to our prayers. Keeping our focus where it belongs - not on what is happening around us as much as on the Sovereign One.

What does it mean to pray with a clear mind?

When I think of praying with a clear mind, it reminds me of the innocence of children's prayers. They are so direct in their petitions, asking God questions without pretense!

Here are a few examples from a site called sermon illustrations:

Dear God: Who did you make smarter? Boys or girls? My sister and I want to know. Jimmy, 6

Dear God: How many angels are there in heaven? I would like to be the first kid in my class to know the answer. Norma, 8

Dear God: Please help me is school. I need help in spelling, adding, history, geography and writing. I don't need help in anything else. Lois, 9

Dear God: Do you have any helpers in Heaven? I would like to be one of Your helpers in Heaven when I have summer vacation. Natalie, 7

Being clear-minded also reminds me of coming before the throne with respect and reverence for our Heavenly Father. He is the one we can rest in and bring our every concern to no matter how great or small it may be.

The next time you enter into His throne room, may your approach be with a clear mind and an open heart to receive His love and blessings!