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Hello Everyone -

Every year in May, grieving parents from around the area gather together at Aldan Union Church in Aldan, PA to share a delicious breakfast with one another and to be encouraged by other parents who have experienced the death of a child. Whether your loss was a miscarriage or still birth, or your child was young or was an adult - the loss of a child is one of life's deepest pains.  

God knows that pain: the pain of the death of a child. He knows the agony, the deep pain because He experienced it with His one and only Son. Therefore, He is with you in your pain.  

BASIS strongly believes that grieving in a community context that feels safe and encouraging can help parents navigate through their pain. This is why we invite all parents who have experienced the death of a child to our Annual BASIS Breakfast. This year's breakfast will be held on May, 2nd from 10am-1pm.  

We all probably know someone who could benefit from a gathering like this; so even if you have not suffered the loss of a child, invite someone who has, and offer to come with them. To register visit the H*VMI website and click on "Upcoming Events."

In addition, this year Michelle Noble is offering a separate program for grieving children. Therefore, if you know of a family who has grieving children, please invite them as well.  

This time together will be full of delicious food, tears, laughter and honoring your child.

We invite you to join us.

Blessings from the BASIS staff.