Receiving a Miracle

I knew a family whose 10 year old son was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. From the beginning, they prayed for a miracle (healing from his cancer), of course. After he died, they said they did receive a miracle. The one they received was not the same one they had prayed for. But a miracle anyway. Their son, who died on earth, is surely alive now in the presence of Jesus. They received the miracle of resurrection. These bereaved parents grieved deeply, but they also were able to give thanks for the miracle of life eternal.     In a discussion with other parents last week, we talked about how their kids are doing. We concluded that they are in good hands and happy circumstances. The parents grieve here on earth and would trade anything for the kids to be back here with them. But, on the other hand, the parents also mentioned they wouldn’t ask for them back. That would mean the kids had to leave their present happy circumstances and come back to this fallen, broken world among dying men. It would be a selfish request. So these parents agreed to simply rejoice for where their child is now, even though it also means they grieve since he is not here with them.

It’s a hard choice to make but you can chose to rejoice for the miracle you are receiving, even while you grieve that your child in not here with you. He is with the Savior where everything is as it should be. All injustice is satisfied. Everyone is healthy all the time. There are no discouraging remarks, no misunderstanding, no “trouble in paradise.” The scene is beautiful. The activities are constructive. And the presence of Jesus is everywhere. He’s there with the children who trusted his grace, talking, teaching, and wiping away all tears.

Let us also trust His grace for ourselves so we can live the same miracle. Let’s press on toward the goal. Let’s rejoice for this, even in the midst of grief. My friends chose this view point. We, who are still here, can make the same choice.

Peace to you.  

(Scriptures used in these thoughts: Revelation 21:1-7, 22:1-6; Luke 23: 32-43; Philippians 1:20-23,2:12-14,20; I Corinthians 15:20-58.)