Reflections from Job - in God's face

Job lost all his wealth and all his children, then he had a serious and painful health challenge. Since you have also lost a child, you can imagine how massive his grief must have been when he lost 10 children in one event. Yet, His first reaction was to bless the Lord who had given him all those children and his wealth. He had some good friends who came to try to support him in his grief and pain. The friends sat in silence for a week. Job was encouraged and felt supported. Then Job cried out - the condensed version is “I wish I were dead!” So Job’s friends, who had been silent along with Job, now began to speak. They spoke for chapters and chapters with one basic message – you must have done something terrible that offended God since He is punishing you like this. What’d you do? You’d better admit it and repent!

But we know from God’s own description of Job that he was a good guy, even saying his was “righteous.” The friends went on and on with bad advice, wrong accusations and discouraging words. For a while, Job responded to their accusations, trying to defend himself. But that was fruitless, so Job began to direct his comments to God Himself. He lamented his losses. Job’s words were pretty strong. Some complaints. Some confrontational questions. And He began to demand an audience with the God. Who DEMANDS anything from God? Only the brave or foolish. Or one who is grieving very deeply. One who laments.

I want you to notice several things: • Job addressed his questions and complaints to God. He didn’t complain to others about God. He spoke directly to the One with Whom he had a problem. (Reminiscent of Matthew 18:15) • He didn’t turn away from the Father; he turned toward Him with his complaints. Job wanted to see God. He didn’t want to be pacified. He wanted to truly understand the mind of God. • He mourned, but Scripture says he didn’t sin against the Lord. His wife advised him to “curse God and die.” But Job didn’t curse God, he sought Him. • God listened, waited and didn’t black-ball Job for his directness. Or for the power of his emotions in his distress. I am amazed that the Lord didn’t turn away from Job because of Job’s attitude. No, He listened. Then He honored Job with a conversation.

So, after waiting until all Job’s thoughts and feelings, with all their power, were spent, the Lord God Almighty spoke to this hurting man.

Basically He said: I’m God and you are not. Trust me. You were not there when I made everything. You can not manage the earth and the universe, but I do. I am God.

Job was humbled. And satisfied.

If you have questions about how the Lord has managed things in your life or the life of your child, go ask Him, directly. Don’t complain about Him to others, but complain to Him for answers. Be honest with Him – that will lead you to be honest with yourself too. At the right time, the Lord will respond to your questions in the way that’s best for you.