Relationship Rejoicing

A friend recently was reunited with a sister she hasn’t seen in over 25 years. My friend has spent hours seeking this sister, on-line, in phone books, calling people with the same last name in this state and beyond. She has spent hours and tears praying. Yesterday her sister called! They talked for a long time discovering what has been going on over the years while they’ve been separated. They will be seeing each other later this month! Oh - the joy on my friend’s face, in her voice, in her heart! This rejoicing in reunion is based right in the very core of who God made us to be. He made us for relationship! With him and with each other. ANY BREAK IN A RELATIONSHIP IS PAINFUL. That includes when we have an argument with our spouse, or even a neighbor. It also includes lost relatives and it includes when your child dies.  God made each of us for fellowship with Him and made each of us as eternal beings, we are not supposed to endure separation. Since it is against the grain of our being, it’s painful. The pain is from the brokenness and the separation of the relationship.

This is a sad picture. It seems hopeless. Until we realize that Jesus gave us another gift – He gave us the possibility of eternal life. A very important part of that life is reunion with all His people. Of course, seeing Him face to face it the most important element of this reunion, but a very close second is being reunited with the ones we love who have died before us.

While you are still grieving, you can also be preparing for the reunion. Get closer to Jesus while you wait. Pray to know Him more deeply. Get to know all the Bible has to tell us about life in His heavenly kingdom. Be comforted that the separation is temporary because He is planning a fabulous reunion for you. He has already laid a lot on the line for this party and He wants you to be ready.

Then let the rejoicing begin!