Blessed by H*VMI Seminars

On Feb. 12th, I had the honor of sitting in a seminar conducted by one of our H*VMI staff entitled, "Hope and Help in Grief; Ministering to Children and Adults." As the seminar proceeded, I was so blessed to see 9 people encouraged in their grief walk and how they can minister to the hurting world around them.

The main emphasis was for them to not only know the Lord but how He and His Word can bring hope and healing.

When you read newspapers and watch the 11:00 news, you see how timely this seminar was. The Lord is the only One Who can bring peace to the hurting heart and we are challenged as a mission to bring that Good News to aching hearts.

I left the seminar encouraged as I heard comments from many saying how it was used to bring hope and their desire to use the information to help others. It made me excited for the next seminar. Click on the link below to learn more or to register for it.

Helping Children of Divorce Seminar March 12, 2011

Once again, God has blessed H*VMI with experienced, compassionate people on staff who will present their seminar with the hope it will encourage those who attend to minister to the ones who are too often left out of the "picture" when a divorce takes place.

We truly live in a hurting world. Our responsibility is great, but our God is greater. It's truly a joy to see Him at work through H*VMI. I invite you to join with us.