SERVANT Orientation 2011 - Meet Our New Missionaries

It is always amazing to me to see the way God directs and brings people into the ministry. This week is Servant Orientation week at H*VMI. We have 5 individuals who, by God's design have said "yes" to Him and are now a part of the H*VMI family.

Tom Brown has already served with H*VMI as a counselor at Handi*Camp and with our Discipleship Ministries.  He is coming on staff as a full-time missionary.    


Leah and Kyle Robinson have served at Handi*Camp for many years.  They have applied to join us as full-time missionaries.    


Ron and Joan Denlinger joined our H*VMI family in May.  Joan served at Handi*Camp as a camp nurse and Ron is our Deputy Executive Director.

They all come with different backgrounds, God given gifts and abilities. Yet, they all have a deep love for the Lord, a willingness to be used by Him and a desire to work together. To be honest, when I see all of that put together, my eyes often fill with tears of gratitude to the Lord for the way He has orchestrated their lives and blessed mine by bringing them into this work. I ask you to join me in praying for them as they become involved in the various aspects of the ministry as well as securing their financial support.  What an honor to serve the Lord together.  And all of God's people said ... AMEN!