Extending Support

On Monday evening, September 9th, there were 3 support groups that met in different locations, all addressing different concerns and at the same time centering on the same resource, the Word of God.

In one group there were people with a diagnosed mental illness as well as those who care for loved ones with a mental illness seeking support. In another there were concerns brought from parents who were struggling with the needs of raising a child with a disability while the third group spoke to people who had gone through various loss situations.

The concerns were stated, the people felt "heard" and the comfort of others who were going through similar challenges was embraced. However, when it came to the end of the night what we really wanted people to feel was the warm embrace of God's amazing love. This was demonstrated by the listening, concerned ear and body language of the various participants.

The most important part always comes when truth from the Word of God is expressed and when prayer which touches the heart of God is felt. What a relief it is to know that He not only hears the cry of the heart but also stands ready to bring hope and understanding. What an honor to be part of a team that is willing to demonstrate His amazing love in action.

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