Thirty-six Years Doesn't Seem Enough

That was my thought after our daughter, Crystal, died from leukemia at age thirty-six.  But on further reflection the Lord helped me to see things from a little different perspective.  It doesn't answer the question "Why?'  It doesn't lessen the loss, nor take away the pain of living life without our precious daughter. What God showed me may not help you because your circumstances of grief may be much different, but I pray that someone may be helped by relating to my experience.  This is what I believe God helped me to see:

Thirty-six years doesn't seem enough....

  • Until you remember, Jesus had only thirty-three years on earth.
  • Until you remember how special those thirty-six years were.
  • Until you remember, some people seem to complete their mission and purpose quicker than others.
  • Until you remember the legacy of her husband, Dave and children Robin and Jeffrey.
  • Until you remember Crystal is now with the Lord forever.
  • Until you remember how many lives she touched in a beautiful way.
  • Until you remember you will see her again and then forever!