This World Of Sorrows

How are you all?  I am wondering what impact the news of the deaths of 20 children in the Connecticut school has had on you. How are you? On other occasions of public disaster in the past, I have talked with bereaved parents about their reactions. It seems to me that they fell into 2 groups. Some hurt deeply for the newly bereaved in whatever event it was, because they know from their personal experience the weight and pain of grief. Others can’t listen; they are overwhelmed by their own sorrows so they can’t bear sharing or borrowing the pain of others. Both experiences are “ok” with me. I’m just wondering how it has been for you. I was just chatting with a bereaved dad whose son died over 10 years ago. He’s hurting today because of Connecticut. If you are feeling renewed sorrow because you know what these newly bereaved parents are feeling, know that I am praying for you.

On Sunday, our pastor read the passage in Matthew 2:13-20 that tells the story of the killing of all the little boys in Bethlehem. The king who heard about the birth of a new king, wanted to destroy that baby king, so he killed ALL baby boys assuming that would eliminate the rival. It didn’t, because of God’s sovereign protection of Jesus. God, through an angel, let Joseph know there was great danger and sent Joseph with his family to safety in Egypt – something like “witness protection.” God preserved His Son, our Savior. Because we all still need a Savior.

My point in mentioning this now is that this is the world into which God the Creator and Sovereign sent His Son, out of the safety of Heaven. It’s a world where kings and young men with guns kill children! The evil and the outrage would be overwhelming, except we have help. The Creator knew then what kind of world it was, and He sent His Son anyway to be in it with us all. He came to save us from our sin. His death and resurrection accomplished that. He also stayed with us in the Spirit to comfort us from the effects of being in this world. And to teach us to comfort others.

Let’s pray for newly bereaved parents in Connecticut and everywhere. Let’s come near the Savior and be comforted. And hug a child in your community.

Blessings and peace to you, even in this world of sorrows.