Time is an Opportunity

It's so hard to believe we're already in 2012! It seems like only yesterday we were wondering if all the world's computers would crash as we came to the year 2000. Time has a way of slipping away, doesn't it?

Most would say it's what we do with the time that really counts. However, another way of seeing it would be, "how have I seen God at work in the time He's given me?"

When I see the challenges H*VMI went through over this past year (and there were many), do I see them from His perspective or mine? One leads to rejoicing the latter to despair. It's all a matter of choice. Will I choose to see the Lord's provision, protection and wisdom through the difficulties and trials He brings or cling tenaciously to the hurt, frustration and anger over the loss of my "rights"? I guess it comes down to whether or not I really trust in the sovereignty of God. For if you and I do, we can look forward to 2012 and beyond with great hope and expectation. Time, no matter how short or long it seems then becomes a gift, an opportunity to demonstrate His loving control in our trust no matter what to a watching, hurting world.