What is God Like?

The Lord is good and right; he points sinners to the right way.  He shows those who are humble how to do right, and he teaches them his ways.  (Ps.25:8-9 NCV)

First we see that God is good and right.  "God is good, all the time" and He never does wrong.  Even when "bad" things happen to His people, He is still good.  That is His character.  So the basis of our knowledge of God is what He tells us of Himself- and He is good and right.  He also wants us to be right and good.  The passage says He points sinners in the right way, shows the humble how to do right and teaches them His ways.  God doesn't ask right living without giving us the means and knowledge of what to do.  His Word, the Bible, clearly shows us how to live rightly and what His ways are.  Yet we don't get that knowledge through pride or good behavior.  So often I'm tempted to think if I just try hard enough, I'll be able to do what God wants.  I'll be able to please God.  But that is my pride telling me I can do it.  And the Bible says here that the humble get shown how to do right.  So as we meekly follow Him and trust Him with our lives, He will teach us His ways and show us His path.  And as verse 10 says, His "ways are loving and true."  We can count on Him, because He is good and right.

When are you tempted to think that God is NOT good and right?  What can you do to defeat that temptation?  How often do you try hard to do what God wants, but fail?  Allowing the Holy Spirit to live His life through you is the key.  See Galatians 5:16.