Wise Men Still Seek Him

Let’s look at the wise men that came looking for the newly born baby king. Since this event was after the birth of Jesus, it’s appropriate timing to look at them now, after our Christmas holiday. These guys knew something big and wonderful had happened because they read the “signs” in the heavens. They came from afar to investigate. They asked questions of people they thought should know. They asked the present king about the baby who would, theoretically, replace him in the kingdom. They thought if anyone knew, he should know. He didn’t know but he asked his own heaven-watchers what they knew. They knew from prophecy where such an event should take place. They didn’t know when or that it had happened in their present time.

But the wise men knew and they went hunting. You know what happened? They found the baby king! Their effort and determination were rewarded with finding the Truth and the real King of Heaven. They found the Savior.

The wise men knew something but not everything about this new baby. They invested time and energy into seeking Him. They found Him and worshipped Him. They went home thankfully celebrating Him.

I suggest you also could search for the King who saves from sin. You might seek the One who is the Comforter to the brokenhearted. You could find the One who is Truth who will help you understand His agenda and He working in your life and His promises to you. You will find the One who will never, ever, leave you alone. I expect you too will know more about Him and His plans after you search. (I am not suggesting that none of you knows Jesus truly already. But, since we all know Him imperfectly, there is room for each of us to grow deeper in knowing Him. Always.) I suspect you will have reason to worship and celebrate Him because you sought Him.

May you know Him in a way that is more satisfying to your soul because you continued to seek Him. Wise men and grieving parents who seek Him, will find more than they ever knew.