Wrestling with Questions

About her experience in a BASIS support group, one mom said: I didn’t need counseling. I didn’t need someone to tell me it will get better over time. I needed someone to wrestle my spiritual questions with me. “It was Spiritual grief for me!”  BASIS allowed me to question. They were patient with me.“ In due time, she came to a place of equilibrium in her grief and her faith is stronger than ever through this process.

Many, but not all, bereaved parents have tough questions they want to ask. Often it’s hard to find acceptable answers. Often God doesn’t answer as quickly as we would like. I’m thinking of Job and the process of his questions. He had many. Many times he brought them to his friends, who, instead of listening or encouraging, judged his attitude! For Job that was completely unsatisfactory so he began taking his questions directly to God.

Job asked questions, repeatedly. God listened and waited. I think God waited to respond until He knew Job was in a frame of mind to “hear” the discussion. I didn’t say “hear the answers” because the questions were not answered directly with one to one answers. God waited until Job could take in God’s response. And this is His response: I am God and you (Job) are not. Job was rebuked.

Did anyone else in Scripture ask question?

Moses told God: NO he couldn’t speak. He said he needed an assistant. God, in kindness, gave Moses his brother to run interference with the people. That didn’t turn out very well; but God did it for Moses, because he asked.

Jesus asked: Please take it away!  Then He came to the conclusion that it mattered more what God had planned. Jesus concluded “thy will be done.”

The psalmist asked: “How Long?” till something changes for the better.  And “Why have I been forsaken?” In fact, this question is so important the Jesus asked it Himself from the cross!!

These faithful men asked questions to the Lord God Almighty. And they were not struck down by lightening. Our God heard and patiently waited until the time was right for His response whether it was an answer or a gift or strength for the path ahead. God hears. In our BASIS groups we like to listen to the questions and fears of our BASIS parents. It is one way we try to provide an atmosphere where the presence of God is acknowledged and lived out. We also like rejoicing with others as God responds to each questioner.

…Find rest in God; my hope comes from him…

Trust in him at all times, you people;     pour out your hearts to him,     for God is our refuge.  Psalm 62:5, 8