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International Ministries

Ministering in Ghana, West Africa and training national workers throughout the world as they develop ministry outreaches to people with special needs and life challenges.

  • Ghana, West Africa: a model program

H*VMI missionaries in Ghana are national workers who have established a variety of programs for people affected by disability, poverty and other life challenges. In addition to regular, weekly ministries including a residential program and vocational training, H*VMI Ghana conducts camps for people with disabilities. Visitors to H*VMI Ghana will experience effective outreach programs first-hand and be able to take experiences into other international ministry settings.  

  • Training and equipping: multiplying the ministry worldwide

H*VMI staff members are ready to provide training to national workers and/or US foreign missionaries so that they may be further equipped to serve people facing life's challenges. H*VMI has provided training in countries including Brazil, Canada, England, India, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. 


Negligence, callousness and the lack of concern from churches caused a couple with a Deaf child to turn to a cult for help. I fully appreciate your time here helping us to challenge churches to reach out to all people.
— a pastor