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Minds Renewed

Helping people address mental health issues personally or with a loved one.

  • Pro-active support:

God lovingly wove each of us together mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. (Psalm 139:13) Minds Renewed offers resources and instruction challenging people to maintain optimal health in each of these areas.

  • Addressing mental health issues:

The Minds Renewed support system offers spiritual support, referrals, resources, seminars, and special events for people affected by mental health issues. We also provide help to individuals, congregations and others wanting to minister effectively in this area.

Minds Renewed has been such a blessing to me and all the people who have been part of it. It is so unique: a place for us to be honest about the battles that rage within us and get unconditional love and acceptance. We encourage one another and give each other hope. We talk about new scientific findings, new medicines and what things can help lift depression. But, always accompanying every meeting, we refocus on God.
— a support group member