Detailed Phase Projections

Phase 1:

  • Property purchase
  • Land development
  • Legal costs
  • Pre-construction steps (Grading, Paving, Storm water management, Utility access)

Phase 2:

  • Multipurpose building (Dining Hall, Kitchen, Large activity room, Small classrooms)
  • Cabins/Guest Accommodations
  • Pool
  • Playground
  • Playing fields
  • Boat dock
  • Housing for missionaries in residence

Phase 3:

  • H*VMI office building/training center

Project Cost by Phase

cost in US dollars
The potential outreach of this project is unimaginable. God is truly leading and will continue to impact lives in ways beyond what anyone can see at this moment.
— an H*VMI ministry partner

A special THANK YOU to the following businesses that are partnering with us to make this vision a reality: 

* Ames Construction


* SCOPOS Hospitality group

* Vision engineering