God of Miracles

by Linda Daoust (mentored a number of years ago by Judy Edinger, REST Ministries staff)

 “You are the God Who performs miracles; You display Your power among the peoples.” Psalm 77:14

Our God is truly a God of Miracles! I’m currently 64 years young and God has shown Himself to me constantly. During childhood and most of my 31 years of marriage I had waves of abuse. I am telling you this to encourage each of you to stay true to a loving and protective God.

I have received so many miracles in my life but wanted to share one of the most dramatic events of my life. In October 2005, I had outpatient surgery that went terribly wrong. I went into a 5-month coma. While in the coma, my body was attacked with MSRA, lungs collapsed three times, septic shock, flesh eating disease, traumatic brain disorder, tracheotomy, skin graft, with a completely open abdomen receiving over 25 surgeries and was resuscitated twice. My family was contacted about the results of the surgery and that I was in a very serious condition. My sister came and stayed by my side during the whole ordeal. 

When I woke up in February, I finally came to the realization that something had happened to me. Unsure of all the details, I knew that God was with me. When they removed the tracheotomy tube, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to breathe. Thankfully God reminded me that I was His child and He was walking with me during this time. 

I then started the process of learning how to sit up, walk, talk, eat and relearn how to handle cognitive reasoning skills again. At Easter, a group of my friends held a service at the hospital for me. I had just really started eating and was able to request BLT sandwiches (my all-time favorite) for the main course. I was able to sit up in a wheelchair and go outside the building and worship God. His grace was holding me up and helped me to pursue life again. In June 2006, I was finally discharged from the third hospital.

Shortly after being discharged, I started asking the “Why Me?” question to God. Friends had stepped away and I felt so isolated and alone. It was at this time, I learned again that God had never left me. He had carried me through so many other situations. I began a thankful list, so it could be read repeatedly. Negative thoughts always seem to creep in at any time, but I have been able to turn and keep my focus on Him. 

It has been a long process, one year in outpatient treatment for my brain injury and physical therapy. I was told that at the 5-year anniversary I would be at the maximum level of physical and mental levels that could be expected. God wasn’t done yet and has continued to give me strength and healing. 

I can see God’s blessings every day and I don’t take them for granted. My sister’s faith and conversion has strengthened and become very strong. She is married to a godly man; my nephew has accepted Christ as Savior. I was able to help my mother as a caregiver during the last 3 years of her life. Mom moved closer to my sister and myself in Texas, and her faith in God was deepened during this time. I am now able to be near my daughter, son in law, and four grandchildren. I have been able to share life with them and anyone that God puts in my pathway. God has provided for all my needs, financially, emotionally and especially spiritually. 

God’s not done with me yet! I count each day a blessing and look forward to seeing what He has planned for me. Just like with me, He has many blessings waiting for you also. God is great and truly a God of Miracles.

Note from Judy: I believe all our lives are a testimony to the miracles of God. I am sure many of you have your own story about the miracles God has done in your life. My prayer is that all of us will take time to share our stories so that we can build up and encourage each other along our journey of life.

“Worry weighs us down; a cheerful word picks us up.” Proverbs 12:25 (MSG)