April 2016

Street ministry continues. Despite the mild winter, the first and third Tuesdays always seemed to be cold and miserable. We had to contend with rain, wind and even snow flurries. We bundled up, got a wagon and filled it with all the makings for a nice cup of hot chocolate and hit the streets, which were for the most part, empty. We did meet and speak to some who braved the cold. J.B. is a young man we have spoken to a few times. He has a recent diagnosis of cancer and was glad to have us pray with him, even though he is not sure that God “likes” him. The last time we spoke with him, he told us he was not sure what was going on with the cancer, but he was encouraged by our presence and concern in his life. Please pray that J.B. and all we meet, will experience God’s great love for him and will enter into a relationship with Jesus.

We have decided to change the day and time of our street ministry. Now that the time has changed and the weather is warming up (?) we will be going out on the first and third Mondays at 7:30. This past Monday, we met up with several who did not want to stop and chat but we were glad to have opportunity to share with one of the first fellows we met last summer. Christopher chooses to live outdoors and is well-kept, well-spoken and very intelligent. We have had many wonderful conversations with him, and he seems to know much about life on the street. He stays to himself and can be a bit paranoid, but is a pleasure to talk with. He doesn't have much interest in "religion" but he is happy to see us and always remembers our names and asks about any team members who are absent. We are building a relationship with him and are praying for the day when he will accept the gift of salvation. As we continue to walk the streets, we see many in need of Christ and our hearts are burdened with the need of local volunteers to come alongside us and to offer a church home for those we meet.