June 2016

Hello Dear H*VMI Family,

Recently I was reading in Exodus 30:7-8 “Every morning when Aaron maintains the lamps, he must burn fragrant incense on the altar. And each evening when he lights the lamps, he must again burn incense in the Lord’s presence. This must be done from generation to generation.” “Incense is a physical reminder of an eternal reality. It penetrates our imagination in setting of worship throughout scripture.” (Dictionary of Biblical Imagery) Isaiah gives us a glimpse of this in Isaiah 6 when he sees the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, the whole earth was filled with His glory and the temple is filled with smoke.

Psalm 141:2 “Accept my prayer as incense offered to you, and my upraised hands as an evening offering.”

Revelation 8:3, 4 – “Then another angel with a gold incense burner came and stood at the altar. And a great amount of incense was given to him to mix with the prayers of God’s people as an offering on the gold altar before the throne. The smoke of the incense, mixed with the prayers of God’s holy people, ascended up to God from the altar where the angel had poured them out.”

In scripture we see incense as a symbol of prayer. Did you ever stop and think about the fact that our prayers are a sweet aroma to our Lord and indicate our love, allegiance, and dependence upon Him? As you reflect on these verses, and pray for us and other this month, remember your Heavenly Father delights in the sweet aroma of your prayers and praise.  Judy

Thank you for being faithful in your prayers and support of REST Ministries. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you our street ministry in Elkton, MD has come to an end. We began this ministry last June, and while we had many great contacts most of them were with men—not girls or women. The men were always willing to talk, but many times the women we saw avoided us. Since our ministry focus is on women, we made the decision to seek out other avenues to reach those who are being exploited by traffickers. We will continue the ministry on Kensington Avenue and we are available to provide trafficking awareness training to churches, community groups and schools.

Please know that we value your prayers and support. Please join us in continuing to seek God’s direction for reaching these women.

Judy and I recently had a prayer retreat to seek God’s wisdom and direction for future development of REST, how to best utilized the materials we have written, and how to reach hurting women.  We will share more of how God has led us next month. 

Some of our ministries will stop this month for the summer and begin again in September, but other ministry continues over the summer, so we deeply value and appreciate your prayer support.

God bless, Jackie