Make a difference in the lives of people by walking alongside those facing life's challenges. H*VMI welcomes committed Believers. Get involved in serving today!


Community - care - compassion.

Serve Christ by serving others at Handi*Camp!

Summer Staff Positions:

  • Service Staff: Youth and adults, ages 16 and up - primarily responsible for cleaning and assisting in kitchen/dining room, helping counselors in the cabins and participating in other activities as assigned by their supervisor.

  • Assistant Nurses: LPNs or RNs responsible for general health care of campers and fellow staff members, under the direction of the Health Care Coordinator. At least one year experience required.

  • Bible Teachers: Responsible for teaching a morning Bible class for campers with intellectual and/or multiple disabilities.

  • Counselors: Adults, ages 18 and up, who are directly responsible for the spiritual, social, physical and personal needs of up to three campers per camp session.

  • Program Assistant: Works with the Program Director. Responsibilities may include planning and leading electives, group games or special events. Red Cross Lifeguard Training and current WSI rating is a plus.

  • Kitchen Assistant: Responsible for helping the Lead Cook with meal preparation. (NJ camp sessions - volunteers only - not a paid position - contact us for details)