Training and Seminars

H*VMI offers seminars to help people facing life challenges; and training for Christian workers on topics such as: grief and loss, mental health, abuse, divorce and disability.

Seminars and training workshops are typically held for small groups, churches, retirement communities, children's ministry or pastoral conferences, schools or other institutions of learning. Our teams have traveled within the United States as well as overseas. The time frame for each seminar varies but may be tailored to meet your group’s specific needs. We also offer mini-conferences (Friday evening through Saturday afternoon) with multiple ministry tracks when more than one topic is of interest. Seminars include materials for participants. For detailed information, cost or scheduling, CONTACT US.

NOTE: If you have a specific need relating to one of our ministry departments but do not find that topic listed below, please contact us and our staff may still be able to assist you.


Abuse and Restoration

A Biblical Response to Domestic Violence - Gain an understating of domestic violence, its impact and effects. This seminar will help you learn how to offer hope and healing to those who have been affected by domestic violence.

Bridge to Restoration - This workshop is designed for those who have been hurt through abuse and/or those who struggle with addiction; for those who want to learn how to handle life when it hurts; or for anyone desiring to help hurting people. A person working through Biblical restoration needs others who can truly understand and share in the grief and feelings of fear, shame, loneliness and guilt. They also need those who can share their joy when they discover God's Truth freeing them from the lies they have learned. (Romans 12:15-16)  These hurting people need the Lord Who is able to free them from the bondage of their pain and hurt. Bridge to Restoration is a two-day workshop that provides resources, explains the process of Biblical restoration and helps those looking for hope.

 Not In My Backyard? Or Is It? The Truth About Sex Trafficking In the United States - Raise your awareness of the presence of sex trafficking in America. Sex trafficking is happening in our own backyards. We can make a difference. This workshop will help you: learn what sex trafficking is; find out who is at risk; and learn how to recognize the signs and what can be done to combat the problem.

 Understanding the Person Hurt by Abuse - This seminar is designed to help you understand and disciple people who have been abused. You will learn how to: detect childhood abuse; know what to do if you suspect child abuse; identify the symptoms and long-term effects of abuse that can continue throughout adulthood; and utilize available resources.

Children’s Ministry

Building Children of Hope - This interactive seminar will provide information on child abuse and its impact on the child. You will gain a knowledge of child abuse and its effects. Time will be spent discussing the role individuals and churches play in helping children find hope and love in a world that can be scary and painful. Practical tools will be presented that you can use to help protect children and minister to those in abusive situations.

Encouraging Positive Behavior in Your Student - All teachers have to deal with unwanted behaviors at one time or another, some more often than others. In your classroom, you can be prepared for these instances and continue to show your students how much God loves them. In this seminar you will learn how to: identify why a student misbehaves; prevent and respond to unwanted behaviors; and relate to your student’s need and desire to communicate.

Helping a Child Who Has Lost Someone through Death - Children grieve in their own “unique” ways. In this seminar you will learn typical issues of grief; patterns of grief; age related behaviors; how to be an effective support person; and creative ways to minister to children as they deal with their grief.

Helping Children of Divorce - The United States has the highest divorce rate in the world. Divorce is an epidemic problem in our country. It is painful—even if it is settled amicably. Children may struggle for years after the breakup of their parents’ marriage and often the effects don’t emerge until adulthood. This seminar will help you: offer help, support and hope to hurting families and those affected by divorce; help children grieve their loss; gain an understanding of the effects of divorce on children; find ways to help them through the healing process so they can become vibrant, loving and compassionate members of God’s family. 


A Mile in My Shoes: Walking Alongside People Affected by Disability - You have seen the struggles people with disabilities have faced in your congregation, yet you have also seen the blessings that they have to offer your church. You are left wondering what can be done to make a better environment for all. Learn what your next steps should be in beginning a disability ministry. This seminar will help you: identify basic needs and challenges of families affected by disability; discover what your church is doing and/or can do to better meet those needs; be able to form a team, build a mission statement and develop a plan; decide what is the best avenue for your church and each individual involved; and encourage your church with a Scriptural basis for ministry to people with disabilities.

Outside the Box: Including People Affected by Physical Disabilities - How can you include individuals affected by physical disabilities? Learn general characteristics of physical disabilities; communication techniques for those who are non-verbal or who use alternative methods of communication; hands-on activities and practice of skills needed for helping people with physical disabilities; and innovative ways you can plan to include individuals in the life of the church.

Hey! What About Us?  Adapting and Including Children with Disabilities - Most children with a physical and/or mental disability can learn from and enjoy the "typical" children's ministry programming with some simple adaptations and possibly a "buddy." In this workshop you will learn how to: identify characteristics of the most common disabilities; adapt curriculum and teaching methods to accommodate children with disabilities; train and use "buddies" in an inclusive setting; and prepare all of the children in your class, those with or without disability, for the experience.

ABCs of Bringing Out the Best in Children with ADHD - Almost every children’s ministry has children who either seem "spacey" or have an endless supply of energy and have a hard time paying attention. This workshop will help you learn how to: see the potential in these children; provide them with a positive learning experience; differentiate fact from myth about ADHD; understand the needs in the lives of children with ADHD and how to better meet those needs; adapt your teaching methods to help children with ADHD be successful.

Putting the Pieces Together: Reaching the Heart of Those with Autism - Autism is an ever growing diagnosis, impacting families and ministries with unique challenges. This seminar will help you understand the basic characteristics of those on the Autism spectrum; discover practical tips and adaptations to help them be successful; and tune up your skills at non-verbal communication.

The “Simplicity” of the Gospel: Helping People with Intellectual Disabilities Understand His Truth - Is the Gospel really simple enough that even an individual with an intellectual disability could understand it? You bet it is! You will learn how to: use objects and visuals in sharing the Gospel; explain the concepts of sin, forgiveness and repentance in simple terms; explain the relationship with Jesus in terms of known relationships; use a simple tool to communicate the full Gospel; rely on God’s promise of the power of His Word.

Supporting Families Affected by Disability - “Who can help us on this different journey?” and “Who else will love our child/sibling/spouse?” are two burning questions for family members of a person with a disability. The members of the church should be a part of the answer to both questions. Together we will: discuss ways you can make a major difference in the life of a family with a member with a disability; identify the special needs of parents, siblings and spouses of a person with a disability; practically support and encourage the family as they travel this journey of disability; involve the congregation in meeting the entire family’s spiritual needs; find resources to help them “carry the load.”

Grief and Loss

Help for People in Pain - This seminar describes the process of grief and suggests ways individuals can learn to cope with loss situations. It is especially prepared to help God’s people, whose role model is the Lord Jesus, to confront their own losses and then to encourage them to reach out to others who are in pain. Topics include: types of loss situations; feelings associated with loss; stages of grief; factors affecting grief; responses to grief; how to survive a loss; how to minister to a hurting world.

Living With a Sovereign God in a Sour World - This seminar is designed to move us beyond the painful feelings that overwhelm us at a time of loss to where God fits into the situation. Topics include: How did the world get this way? With my world crumbling around me, how do I manage? What’s the good in bad?


Intentional Living - We all have busy lives filled with good things to do. But sometimes we get frustrated when we can’t do it all! This seminar is not about finding time to do all the things you want to do; it is about the importance of finding the things God has called you to do and how to find the time to do these things.

Transforming Groups - As we live in a sinful, evil world, people don't always act in a godly way. We all experience suffering. Small groups can help us learn to use our pain to foster healing and growth as well as to impact the lives of others. This workshop will provide information on: leading Biblical small groups that transform lives; and starting this type of ministry in your church.

Mentoring - Mentoring benefits both the individual and the community. Through mentoring, individuals learn to fight the spiritual battles of life and the entire body of Christ is strengthened. Mentoring also provides opportunities for us to pass on life skills and hobbies that help us to live life to the fullest. This workshop will provide information on the benefits of mentoring; how to find a mentor; and how we can mentor others.

Relationships - Relationships are a part of everyday life. Parent and child. Husband and wife. Employer and employee. With relationships come challenges. How can we unravel the mystery of relationships? This seminar will discuss: possible reasons why relationships go bad; how we can mend broken relationships; responding when the other person does not want to be part of the healing process; and developing and maintaining healthy relationships.