Disability Ministries

Providing support, encouragement, Biblical instruction and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and their families.

Through one-on-one visitation, email devotionals and group Bible study/Bible club programs, the Discipleship team teaches Truth from God's Word on a variety of levels appropriate to individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities. Twilight Senior Ministries especially focuses on meeting the needs of Seniors living alone or in nursing homes. We also create a variety of Bible curriculum and teaching materials for people with special needs. 

  • PIP (Parents In Progress): a support ministry

Providing monthly meetings, parents' newsletters and special events for parents of children (of any age) affected by disability.

  • Handi*Camp: a recreational and respite opportunity

Offering a variety of overnight camping programs designed for children and adults affected by physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Our summer sessions provide parents and caregivers with a much needed break from daily care routines.

Equipping the local church, colleges and universities, mission organizations and others who desire training in order to learn how to meet the needs of people with disabilities and their families.